Do we convey the blessing we have received from Christ?

There are times when people who would not normally go to church or even profess any belief in Christ will attend a church service. Baptisms, weddings, funerals and Christmas being the main times. Unfortunately many of the people attending these services, who are not from a church background will never return to a church. Why is this? Do we not convey the blessing we have received from Christ in such a way to make people want to find out more about Him? Is our style of worship not on the level that those people are at? I'm sure the answer is far more complex than either of the reasons just stated. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to help out in baptism services where many attending are not regular church goers and would profess little, if any faith in Christ. This is a  great privilege to be the spark that could set someone on a  life with Christ. People will travel many miles to attend a baptism, surely it can't be just for the party afterwards. People seem to pull out all the stops to attend a baptism. There must be something deep within us that knows the importance of this event.

In today's busy modern lives it can be difficult to find the relevance let alone the need for Christ in our lives. When you have a comfortable home with all mod-cons, a car with air-con and sat-nav, i-phones, i-pads, etc, etc, where is there space for Christ?

I always quote a story from a time when we were expecting our first child. Close to the due date I had to rush my wife in to hospital. The hospital staff told me they had made her comfortable and we would have to see how things went through the night. I went to the hospital chapel to pray and I can tell you there was no one in that chapel praying to their house or their car or their i-phone.

When push comes to shove, we know what is really important, sometimes we just need to realise that. As Christians if we can convey that on a level that people can see and understand what a blessing that is.

About the Author: David Jordan works in the family firework business in Leamington Spa. As well as being one of the partners in the mail order and high street business he also attends Bishops Tachbrook Church where he rings the bells and helps out in the odd service (odd as in occasional not peculiar, although some may disagree). You can find him on the web at