Cul-De-Sac Potluck

Yesterday I stepped out of my house with a bowl full of warm corn on the cob, following after my blue morph and Captain America’s daughter, to join the neighborhood Halloween party.  Thanks to my devoted neighbors who make these special events happen. Excited children were running around in their costumes while parents sat around visiting, catching up, meeting new people.  I saw so many smiling faces.  My heart was filled as I looked around at our community, this group of children we have watched grow, families that have sat together year after year.  This night, there were pirates, gypsies, a girl dressed as a gift, a bunny, Dorothy… there were also a couple of vampires and witches and walking dead.  I met whole families that are new to the neighborhood, people that I may not have otherwise met.

Last night there was belonging in our group, old neighbors and new.  Halloween gave us a reason to step out of our homes and join together in fun. We walked as a community, together from house to house.  I heard candy gifters comment on how much taller the kids were this year.  A child recognized a lady at the door as a teacher at her school.

Doors were opening.

At one point, a girl around twelve years old, practically skipped down the street toward me with vampire teeth and fake gashes and staples.  The black and white, dead face could not contain the beautiful radiant smile that broke loose around her happy Halloween greeting.  Looking at her “scary” face, I felt peace and love.  Peace because that imagery is external and the light shining inside is so much brighter.  The scary costumes represent this world, while the joy and laughter represent our triumph through Christ, to rise above it.

About the Author: My name is Jolie. I am a Christian mother of two, married to a South African man who, through divine intervention, I met in Time Square on New Years Eve more than a decade ago.  I am also a realtor in Austin, Texas with a passion for writing and connecting with other people.  I especially find it rewarding to write about my faith and the very physical ways God has shown His presence in my life. You can find me on the web at