Cloudy Vision

Have you ever had cloudy vision? You can see but not clearly, you can make out shapes and silhouettes but not a clear picture of who or what it is you’re looking at? Well, that’s what sex before marriage does. Let me explain my viewpoint. You have sex with someone based on how they make you feel or what state of mind you’re in. If it’s a first night thing, then you may have sex with the guy for several reasons, you’re horny, he’s fine, you’re lonely, or you feel that you have to just to keep him. Now, say he’s not so much of a creep in the beginning and the sex is good and all seems fine. Question, what is the basis for this relationship? Is it just sex? We as women have the tendency, just as guys, to “diversify our accounts”. We have a guy for sex, for emotional support, who makes us laugh, gives us money, makes us feel good, you name it there’s a guy for it! But what about when you have to find 1 guy? You can’t marry them all! So now, you’re stuck with cloudy vision. You can’t make up your mind, the sex guy is cool but he doesn’t give you what you need emotionally, or the emotional guy is cool but you’ve had sex with him as well and it wasn’t all that hot. So what do you do?

This used to be me! I wish I’d known that yep, God takes care of that too, and very well. I always say that I got lucky because I married the guy who fit my important needs and as an added bonus he’s everything I’ve ever wanted physically. God can take care of our desires as well! (Psalm 37:4) His strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are his weaknesses. When you have sex with different guys, play the field and get wrapped up in so much mess, you can’t see straight, your vision is cloudy! Your heart is jacked up, your emotions are all over the place and that’s not God’s plan for us! He created us so He knows what we need sexually and emotionally. We don’t have to go and do the work by trial and error (mostly error!), He will do it for us gladly. Jeremiah 29:11-13 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. See, He’s already declared that we’re taken care of but we have to have a relationship, not religion with Him and seek Him first! We don’t know who we are or what we want or what our purpose is without Him! The way I see it, my life was an absolute mess without God! I tried to do everything on my own and on my own terms and messed up a lot but God loves us so much that He will restore us and pick us up out of our messes and turn them into the beautifulness that He intended for us to have anyway!

So, if your vision is cloudy, ask God to give you clear vision and an undivided heart and He will show you the way!

Be blessed & encouraged!

About the Author: Shannon Taylor is a wife, mom, and the founder of Savin’ It for Hubby, an organization whose mission is to help women live abundantly full lives by educating them about sex and purity. Teaching them about the emotional, spiritual & physical damage that premarital and/or extramarital sex has on their lives now and how it can affect their marriages, their children and their overall well being. Born in Camden, New Jersey, her mom moved their family to Georgia when she was three years old. Shannon graduated from Elbert County High School before moving to Atlanta in 1996. Shannon attended Georgia State University and DeVry University before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. After working in the corporate and Hospitality industry, struggling to find purpose and direction, she was led to teach women, young and old, single or married God’s truth about sex, hence the birth of Savin’ It for Hubby. The lack of truth about the purpose of sex and its creation has burdened her heart for years. Savin’ It for Hubby has opened new doors to allow Shannon to bring truth to women from all walks of life. Shannon has been married for 7 years and has two beautiful daughters aged 6 and 3. The Taylors enjoy living in Suwanee, GA while she pursues her new career as a speaker, aspiring author and spiritual life coach. You can find Shannon on the web at