Character Counts! 10 Designs to Dwell On

Today’s interior life design communication is about character. Character is defined as features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing, or one’s reputation. There is a truth to the old adage that all things hidden will eventually come into the light. What you do behind closed doors will in time be revealed. Your character is no exception. A person of exceptional character has no variance in their public or private life. What they say and do are the same. A person of character designs their life by these ten principles:

  • Say it, Do it. Be a person of your word. Whatever you say you’re going to do, be sure to do it. People are counting on you. When you fail to keep your word, people lose confidence in you.
  • Consistency. Consistency shows stability and maturity. Inconsistency shows a lack of planning. People are watching what you do more than they are listening to what you say. Be consistent in meeting deadlines, timeliness, personal appearance and personal growth.
  • Never Compromise. Set life standards based on your values. Stay with it and people will see you as a person of integrity.
  • Truth: Love it and Live it. Wear honesty and integrity with care and conviction. Even if telling the truth could cause correction and discipline, you must determine it is worth it in order to be a person of integrity.
  • Reputation. Always give people a reason to say something good about you. We all make mistakes, however, live an ethical, moral lifestyle that is above reproach.
  • Proper Protocol. Respect, respect, respect those in authority in your home, on your job, in social settings and at church. Get to know the lines of authority so you can operate accordingly. Being submitted to those in authority is a sign of your character and your maturity.
  • Be Accountable. Seek counsel of others in order to stay on the right track. Use accountability with another as an important check-and-balance in your life. Seek counsel from those whom you admire and consider being experts in your field.
  • Accept Correction. Humbly look at correction as a way to grow and be challenged to change. Don’t become offended or take correction personally. Instead, respect the help that is being given and look at it as a sign of someone looking out for your best interest.
  • Values. Live life based on your values. Values are important as they influence a person’s behavior to weigh the importance of alternatives. Your life and your character are an expression of what you value and love. If you value your family, then you will take time to do the things that will add significance to them. If you value your career, you will put more time, talent and resources towards it. Develop a solid character by basing your decisions on your values.
  • Responsible. Being responsible means using self-control—you think before you act and consider the consequences. You are accountable for your choices and decisions—you don’t blame others for your actions. Responsible people try to do their best, and they persevere even when things don’t go as planned.

People are always watching. In the world of interior design, shape, color and texture are some of the founding principles. Those same principles can and should be applied to making sure your personal interior (mind, soul and spirit) are beautifully arranged. Shape your life with standards, principles and morals which reflect your personal mission and philosophy of life. Color and texturizing your life with love, laughter and learning as you discover how to value yourself and others. As with a functional and beautiful designed home, people of great character do great things that leave a sustainable effect.

Live by design,

Dr. Deana

Dr. Deana Murphy was trained as an architectural interior designer at Northampton and later created a niche in the personal interior design and development industry. After designing tangible spaces for well over a decade having been featured on HGTV, Fine Living and in O Magazine, award winning author, speaker and educator, Dr. Deana expanded her expertise into designing the intangible image and attitude as a mentor to professional women using her proprietary 360 Interior LifeDesign S.Y.S.T.E.M. which Shapes Your Spirit To Eliminate the Mess.

A Doctor of Theology graduate by Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary, a fully accredited and affiliated University with the Oxford University’s Educational Network, Dr. Deana has also lectured as adjunct instructor at Temple University and developed the Interior Design with Teens in Mind curriculum.

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