Change is Healthy

In the last few months, my family and I have had some pretty radical changes take place in our lives. It is astonishing when I try to fully absorb all the amazing occurrences that have become our reality and now explain this new excitement in our day to day. Being able to witness God’s committed involvement has been wonderful and incredibly encouraging! Looking back through the timeline of the past year I’m now able to see how each major event has been another piece of the marvelous and magnificent puzzle. So often I have doubted God’s participation because my prayers weren’t being answered the way I had hoped or anticipated. They were in fact being accomplished. God never stopped working behind the scenes, despite my impatience and doubt. He has an enhanced vision with foresight that sees through our clouded perception. It’s calming and reassuring as I reflect on the sequence of happenings and see that there indeed is a masterful plan and design. To begin this path of newness, 3 days after graduating from university my eldest daughter relocated to New York City, 23 hours from the only home she had ever known, to commence a career in the fashion industry. Although it is completely opposite from the life she knew in Texas, she absolutely loves where she is living and couldn’t imagine inhabiting her existence in any other place. Following her migration, my youngest recently moved to Richmond, Virginia to attend the art school at VCU, a university that initially did not even have a position on her radar. Just a couple of days ago she told us with confidence and certainty that the things which have happened since her brief beginning, the people she has come to know and how she met them, have all been a sure confirmation that she totally made the right decision. She knows she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Teri and I have both felt extremely unsettled and restless for a very long time. Together we have sensed that our future would not be fulfilled in Texas. We’ve simply needed God to show us where. As our daughters have discovered and followed their intended directions, it seems that the pieces for our time ahead are being carefully laid into place as well. After much prayer, waiting and being committed to aid and assist the girls in identifying their course, the hour for our renewal is finally at hand. We are now living in Charlottesville, Virginia!! It’s a gorgeous city nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are an hour and fifteen minutes from our youngest and six hours from our eldest. Life seems full of promise and expectation for us all. To try and explain how God has intricately worked out everything in the last months even in the minute details would take too much time for this writing (maybe in my next book). What I would like to say is that change is GOOD and change is HEALTHY.

Obviously, radical change such as ours should not be decided upon without thorough prayer while intently seeking God’s will for an indeterminable period of time (in our case, two years). Still, selling our house along with a large portion of our possessions and moving to a new city in a different state, has been undeniably freeing. There is a sensation and awareness that permeates the spirit with liberation, filling the atmosphere with joyous deliverance. As I meander along the sidewalk in a new neighborhood with no specific or plotted route, change as it relates to this segment of our specific story, seems to be imprinted with highlights of symbolism. As the trees here drastically change with the onset of Fall in an array of vibrant new colors, almost shouting aloud with a reviving anthem of excitement, this change in our lives has also initiated a transformation that has brought us all a refreshing vigor, ringing strong with exhilaration and vitality.

Everyone would prefer to stay nestled inside the cushioned coziness of their comfort zone, but change can be productive and useful. It makes life brilliant and exciting, rather than a dull descent into dormancy. In my family’s case, it was imperative to make a physical relocation, but that may not be necessary or realistically possible for every person or household. Although a drastic change was the solution for our family, small adjustments in daily living could be all it takes for a diversity of others to discover that spark again. Inviting a new friend, co-worker or Sunday school member to dinner could be the catalyst that stimulates newness. Trying a different Sunday school, church or social group, driving home a different way, shopping at a new grocery store, even rearranging the furniture or finding a new hair style….really, anything that ensues a survey of the strange and unfamiliar, may be that thing which ignites a burning appetite for life once again.

Change can be extremely uncomfortable, and equally as frightening. Launching into the unknown is unnerving, but if we’re brave, a fullness waits that far exceeds any security obtained by keeping the status-quo. Here are a few positive things change can do:

  • Makes us depend on God’s sufficiency and not solely our own
  • As a couple it causes us to depend more on each other
  • Forces us outside our bubble and keeps us from becoming stagnant
  • Stretches and grows us
  • Gives us a new outlook and perspective
  • Helps us leave the past behind and make a fresh start
  • Sometimes it is essential to allow us to be all God wants us to be

So let me encourage you to be bold, to step out of your comfort zone, to go beyond the status- quo, to embrace change with enthusiasm as you enrich your life and touch the hearts of others along the way.

About the Author: John Tracy Wilson, author of Life, Love and Family. You can find him on the web at