Cartoons or Cinnamon Rolls?

‘What time is it?’ I thought, opening my eyes. Two little smiles met my sleepy gaze. ‘Oh, yes,’ I reminded myself, ‘my granddaughters spent the night.’ “Would you like to watch cartoons?” I asked, hoping to get a little more rest.

“No!” said Gracie emphatically.

“I thought you liked cartoons.”

“We’d rather spend time with you, Grammy” said Emma.

cinnamon and butter everywhere! Well, you can guess that’s all it took to get me out of bed and into the kitchen where my two helpers made a huge mess and a pan of cinnamon rolls.

So often my grandchildren make me think about my relationship with God.

How often have I chosen TV over time with God, and not because He wanted to sleep in! I want that to change...and it will when I truly come to realize this:

“A single day in your courts, [Lord], is better than a thousand anywhere else!” Psalm 84:10a (NLT) copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011

Author Bio:

Gail Purath is a former Army wife, former home school mom, and former missionary to Budapest, Hungary. Married to her best friend for over 40 years, she has two married children and seven grandchildren. Her site Bible Love Notes features one-minute devotions for busy women. Check Gail out on the web at