Can you recognize the 10 early warning signs of being disconnected with God?

Being disconnected from God is something that we all should fear. To me the fear of hell isn’t as much as the pain and punishment, but it’s being permanently disconnected from God and His love. We are surrounded by God’s love on earth… can you imagine it being completely gone? So how can you tell if you are becoming disconnected from God while you are on earth? 1. You don’t hear the Holy Spirit quite as clear as you used to. Just like a friend, spouse or relative… if you don’t communicate with them, you forget what their voice sounds like. (John 10:27 Rom 8:9

2. You start to doubt what the Holy Spirit showed you in the past. Many times we become wise in our own eyes and begin to doubt the truth that was shown to us by the Holy Spirit. Other times, our doubt consume us so much that we do not receive what God wants to give us. (Proverbs 3:5-8 James 1:5-8)

3. You no longer want to listen to other believers, you only want your opinion to be heard. God speaks to us by His voice, His word and through others. When we act as if we “know it all,” we subconsciously tune God and others out. (Proverbs 19:27 Proverbs 12:15)

4. You “forget to pray.” When I talk to people about their prayer life, I am shocked to find that they rarely pray once per day. God wants us praying continually to Him. It should be just as often as a husband and wife in a healthy relationship would talk on a Saturday when they are both home. (1 Thessalonians 5:17 Ephesians 6:18)

5. Your time with God is done by a schedule only (usually Sunday). Spending time with God should be something that is part of your day… every day! For more clarification, read #4 again.

6. You don’t read the Bible for yourself, instead you read everyone’s opinions on the bible. Today, it is easy to get caught up in listening to the opinions of man instead of allowing God’s word to speak to you. A litmus test for you is to ask yourself… what do you read more than anything else? If His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, we need to know it like the back of our hand. (Joshua 1:8 2 Timothy 3:16-17)

7. You feel like you are getting more and more distracted! Satan’s favorite and most subtle attack on our relationship with God is distraction. When you feel overwhelmed with things that don’t seem spiritual… pull back and move toward Him! The enemy is trying to get you to take your eyes, ears and heart off of the Lord!

8. You tell yourself, “I love Jesus… But I don’t like the church.” If we are to be like Christ, then we need to love what He loves. Jesus loves the church, the church is you and I. The church is made of imperfect people. Jesus loves imperfect people. So should we. Read more about why on my blog page on Church Health –> here <– and help “The Church” be healthy again.

9. You’re not open to the possibility that you could be wrong… especially with your theology or interpretation of scripture. We have many blog posts that address the danger of pride. When you approach God in a prideful, intellectual or omnipotent way… you have placed yourself in opposition to Him. James 4:6

10. When you read this list, several of your friends came to mind, but you didn’t! The more we know about sin, the easier it is to see it. The question becomes, “Do you see it in yourself or in others?”

About the Author: Mathew P. Gahm is the creator of Mathew grew up in church as a young child and was very comfortable with church. He became so comfortable that he lived a life of sin and disappointment. But because of God's never-ending pursuit of us, He rescued Mathew from his brokenness. Mathew was born again in 2006. In April of 2007, He was in a tragic car accident leaving Mathew legally dead two times and in a short coma! During this event, Mathew had an experience that gave him deeper understanding of who God is and what His plans were for his life. Mathew is in a constant pursuit of God's will and ways for his life and loves helping others do the same!

Mathew's past was a diverse background in business from sales & marketing to management. At several times in his career, he has built some of the largest sales and marketing organizations or teams in the nation. With a passion for self-growth and self-improvement, Mathew has found that the only principles that will better you and your life are the ones that line up with scripture. Mathew has an ability to see things in scripture that are not the obvious, and he has a talent for teaching those things in a simple, practical and applicable way that will produce results for anyone!