Bringing Unconditional Love to Children

Unconditional love is a topic that many adults do not even understand. If that is the case, how exactly is anyone supposed to children about unconditional love? Well, adults may discover that by working to teach children about it, they will come to truly understand the term as well.

Religion If you are Christian, why not start by showing how unconditional love comes into play in the New Testament of the Bible? Explain to children that despite the fact that people have sinned since the beginning of time, God and Jesus both still love everyone. Tell children that they should remember that God always loves them no matter what they do. Bring children to church to further exemplify this idea.

Forgive Forgiveness is at the cornerstone of the concept of unconditional love. Since no human being is perfect, unconditional love simply cannot exist without forgiveness. The next time your child makes a mistake and apologizes, say "I forgive you" instead of "It's OK." He or she might ask why you chose to use those words. If that question does not come up, gently begin an open conversation about forgiveness. Explain that you forgave him or her because you will always love him or her no matter what. Make sure to follow up this lesson by teaching the importance of forgiveness to your children. If another child takes a toy or crayon away, remind your child that he or she should forgive.

Practice Unconditional Love Children are not going to buy into the idea of unconditional love if you abuse it all the time. For example, let's say that you tell your child that you unconditionally love someone, but then the next day, you say that you hate that person. Even if you do not directly say it in front of your child, he or she could certainly overhear you. Not only should you not say it, but you should work on not even thinking about hating people for whom you express unconditional love. If you can truly unconditionally love someone, then you can teach another how to do the same.

Show Unconditional Love Abstract concepts such as unconditional love are very, very difficult to explain, and such concepts are often best understand by seeing them in play. The aforementioned ideas do help your child to see unconditional love in reality. However, consider finding a movie or television show that displays unconditional love, whether it is from God to humanity, a parent to a child, a child to a pet and so forth. Watch the movie or television show with your child and ask them questions about the love that was displayed once the film is over.

Yes, unconditional love is an extremely difficult concept to grasp. People are often baffled as to how to even define this term, let alone how to explain it to a child. The main point here is that you must first feel unconditional love for a person before you can even begin to teach it to someone else. Doing so will make you feel better overall and help to better educate the child.

Roger Willis writes about faith, health & quotes for health insurance.