Break the Chain: Saying I Love You and I'm Sorry

BREAK THE CHAIN Saying “I Love You” and “I’m Sorry” (An excerpt from the book “Of Life, Love and Family”)

From the moment his first-born came into the world He wasn’t quite prepared It was much more than being unsure and scared

He never learned from his own mom and dad How to verbalize love to share After so many years, the power wasn’t there

He could break the chain and say, “I love you” Break the chain and say, “I’m sorry,” too Don’t follow a legacy that will only bring you pain Have the courage to break the chain

Now his children, both married and gone The cycle starts over again Will they make sense of their troubles within

As they teach their own family All they know about how to live Will they pass on the most important thing to give

The gifts they bear Will not compare With what spoken love can bring Will they finally see And set them free To be all they can be

Will they break the chain and say, “I love you” Break the chain and say, “I’m sorry,” too To be a provider is not enough – your work will end in vain Have the courage to break the chain

I’ll break the chain once and for all No matter what the cost Before the curse lives on I’ll break the chain for those who lost

I’m starting now

I’ll break the chain and say, “I love you” Break the chain and say, “I’m sorry,” too ‘Cause it’ll change their life It might even change the world If we only break the chain We’ve gotta break the chain


I love you.  I’m sorry.  I’m so proud of you!  Please forgive me.  I was wrong.

The failure of releasing these short simple statements from the tongues of self-centered, unaware parents has created an un-crossable chasm within families – the one retreat from the world where we should be able to experience fullness and unity. Instead it has left an undying hollowness in the wanting spirits of numerous eager, approval seeking children AND adults throughout this great nation, and very possibly across the globe. EVERY human being on planet earth has the inborn, inherent craving to hear audible declarations of love from their parents during the years of their upbringing and even into adulthood. There’s absolutely no justification or excuse for a mother OR father to withhold verbal affection from this magnificent, indescribable result of their union together. The sizeable portion of our male population that lacks the courage to deliver tender statements of confirmation from their lips in fear of appearing weak, vulnerable or too sensitive will assuredly reap the resulting repercussions with a less than idyllic ending. Acts of kindness, sacrifices and giving of ourselves to our loved ones is vitally essential, but there’s nothing more powerful than SPEAKING the words. Words penetrate deep down into the essence of who we are and have the ability to influence who we will become. They have the inescapable authority to supernaturally set us free or to, just as powerfully, shackle a person in chains.

So let us ALL – not only moms and not just dads - make every effort to not deter our family from victory. Let us strive under any condition to never make them undeserving recipients of expressions that often seem much easier and more natural to communicate:

You need to.  Why don’t you?  When will you?  I can’t believe you!  I’ve never in my life!

Though some might assume this verbal disapproval can somehow activate a positive change in behavior, disparaging phrases such as these serve only to suppress and eventually erode away a person’s self-esteem, leaving an already flawed human character with even more shortcomings and limitations. The words we speak to each other have infusing power. God didn’t merely create the heavens, the earth, and everything in them. He SPOKE them into existence. With everything that He created He said, “LET THERE BE”. There is an undeniable, irrefutable infinite power when we speak, again I say SPEAK, our endorsements of love into existence. We are thereby depositing our investment as it resonates down into the core of their being with the inconceivable ability to persuade the soul and inspire excellence.

I whole-heartedly urge and passionately plea that you break the chain once and for all. Accept the responsibility at any cost. YOU can make the change and BE THE DIFFERENCE! Break the chain and say, “I love you.” Break the chain and say, “I’m sorry,” too. It’ll change lives. When that happens, it WILL change the world.

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