Boxes and Blessings

Lifting the box of Christmas decorations overhead, I pushed it onto the top shelf only to have it teeter on the edge. I grunted as I set the box on the floor, dragged over a stool and climbed up to see what else is there. Boxes with random trinkets littered the shelf, some of which hadn’t seen the light of day in years. But I stacked and rearranged them to make room for the rest of the decorations. Even though my storage space is limited, I can’t seem to part with some of these treasures because of the memories behind them.

I move a box with a ceramic angel and my granny appears in my mind. I remember her cozy, wood-paneled living room that opened into her dining area. I see her sideboard heaped with homemade candy. Now that I host some of our family gatherings, I have a new appreciation for all the hours she spent on her feet rolling pinwheels, whipping divinity, and dipping peanut butter balls.

I think about her big meals, and fun times with cousins and my extended family. I remember her showing me how to “start” a plant from a cutting. I think about all the times she told me she was proud of me. She was a sweet little lady who blessed a lot people.

I remember Granny and reflect on my own legacy. Am I making a difference in anyone else’s life? Is my home a place where people feel welcomed and loved? When I’m gone from this earth, will somebody want to hang onto a little trinket because of happy memories we shared?

For now, those treasures remain in boxes on the shelves. But next Christmas I plan on displaying some of them as conversation pieces. As I share stories and memories, I’ll talk about those special people and the influence they had in my life. And I’ll remember the importance of being a blessing to others.

About the Author: Susan Stilwell is a writer, speaker and Bible study leader who loves discovering God at work the ordinary, day-to-day stuff of life. She has a passion for the nation of Israel and helps lead groups on pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land. Roanoke VA is home to Susan and Steve, her husband of 25 years. They have two children in college, which leaves Susan time to blog weekly and share her insights on her website: