Born for this day

It's a nice cool evening here in New England, a good coffee drinking-thinking sort of night. Yes I'm drinking coffee and trying my best to think while I'm sipping. I've been working my way through the gospel of John lately. John is a great book, if like me, you find yourself feeling a bit distant from Christ. I think perhaps it's easy to get detached from the God we claim to worship. What with all our "churchiosity" and such, sometimes God becomes too much a text book figure, impersonal and distant. John seems to have a way of putting the humanity back into Christ. I know, Christ is divine. He is God. He is also one hundred percent human. As a man he experienced all the emotions common to mankind. He wept, he joyed, he laughed, he smiled. The list goes on. Just imagine what it must have been like to interact with Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Man! One such encounter recorded in John has set me to thinking. I'm referring to Christ's healing of the blind man in John chapter nine. If you recall, his disciples had it all wrong. They asked who had sinned? The man himself or his parents. Surely they assumed, his blindness was judgement for sin. Jesus quickly put that notion aside as he assured them "Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be manifest in him."

As I discussed this account with one of my daughters she said something totally amazing. She said "he was born for that day." Wow, what insight. The sovereign God of the universe had determined in eternity past that this devout Hebrew couple would bring into this world a child, a blind child. They and he would suffer all the challenges that his blindness would bring about. Why?. So that on this day the Savior could touch this man's life in a most personal and profound way. A way that would bring glory to the GOD of all glory, Jesus Christ.

If you're at all like me, you might wonder at all the tough stuff that occurs in your life. No doubt this man wondered along with his parents for years why he was blind. His answer came in a very dramatic and sure way. We do not always receive such a direct answer to our wonderings. Take heart, God is ultimately seeking to reveal his glory and power in you. Perhaps you, like this blind man, were born for this day!

About the Author: Don is an old time sign painter by trade, learning to use God's gift of creativity in a new way...writing. He enjoys expressing to others the grace and goodness of God as he has experienced it in his journey of faith. Don and his wife Victoria, along with their three children currently reside in New England. You can find him on the web at