Boring Christians

I generally don't watch a whole lot of television, but I happened to come across a show that was completely mocking Christians and talking about how boring they were. Then I thought to myself, do we really seem that unappealing to be deemed as boring? This made me go back an forth with myself because you have to be careful comparing your life to the world's standards because in that case, there is really nothing to compare, but for the sake of drawing unbelievers into the kingdom, let's examine it. The bible says the we are in the world but not of it. We live, build relationships, work jobs, pay bills, raise children, all of which is a part of living in this world. However, when it comes to just living life in general do we hold ourselves back from truly enjoying life because you don't think it's the "Christian" thing to do. I must admit some of the most judgmental, hypocritical, and unfriendly people I have ever met in my life have claimed to be Christians. And to be blunt, many of them have been some the of most boring people as well. I've always thought that the only requirement to not living was to be dead, but many of us live dead lives each and everyday. Jesus came that we might have "LIFE" and that we have it more abundantly. I am sure that the Lord shakes his head at some of the things we don't do in order to appear more holy and righteous when honestly our hearts are just as dirty as some of the sinners we come across.

I have seen many people criticize and condemn the acts of others without first attempting to act in love. Jesus was not opposed to propping his chair up and sitting with a table of prostitutes and thieves. He said himself that there was little he could do for those who felt like they had all the answers about salvation. His heart were for those who truly needed a friend and a word of hope when the rest of the world had abandoned them because of their mistakes. It must have been an appalling sight for the Pharisees to see the Savior of the world sitting next to those type of people.

I believe that we could bring people to the altar in droves if we didn't appear so unapproachable and uptight. God has given us the opportunity to share the greatest news and the opportunity to live a life that is reflective of it. It is OK to have fun, laugh, and get out the house every now and then. Sure, God has standards that we all should live by, but along with them his highest standard is love. Remember that the whole point of being a Christ follower is to follow his example of reaching those that need his truth in their lives. I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the opportunity to reach out to someone today. Revamp your approach. Think outside your box of rules and regulations. The love of Jesus Christ brings true peace, grace, mercy, and freedom from the bondage of sin and there is nothing boring about that.

About the Author: Winter Harris was born and raised as a preacher’s kid in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Her hobbies include writing, cooking, entertaining, crafting, and singing.  She enjoys homemaking but is also known for her creative entrepreneurial and business savvy spirit.   She is a unique soul and seeks to encourage other women to embrace their own unique identity and calling through Christ. She has had her fair share of ups and downs, but knows that God is capable of giving anyone beauty for ashes.  She is passionate about her faith and embraces the opportunity to change our world a few women at a time. You can find her on the web at