Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Should Avoid

Every blogger has own style of blogging or writing. Even the motive behind it different. Some do it just for fun, for sharing their thoughts with others, while some do it for earning money through their blog. When we start something new we tend to make mistakes, in blogging also many newbie make blogging mistakes. So let’s discuss 5 such blogging mistakes which new bloggers should avoid.

1. Do not promote yourself While writing your posts do not write about yourself. Your friends or your mom would like to read about you but not your blog visitors. It’s obvious that amateur bloggers when write their post think of their own experiences and quotes personal incidents in the post. But those anecdotes of yours are not relevant to your readers.

If you’re writing about a review of any product or a service then its ok do write about your personal experience with it. But do it in moderation, excess of it is not good. In some the rule is that the less you talk about yourself, the more your blog readers can relate to your post.

2. Do Not Try To Be Overly Formal Being a newbie it’s obvious that your writing style is still the way you used to write in school or college. The writing way of a blog post is different from. It does not require being formal like academic essay. Do not try to use big overrated words from dictionary. Just write in good English with proper grammar. Double check your spellings before posting. Do not try to copy writing style of other professional bloggers, be original.

3. Do not cross the line of being informal In order to limit the formal writing style doesn’t be too casual in your writing. It’s ok to use slangs, shortcuts in chatting with your friend, but its s stick NO on your professional blog. Do not use smiley face and his emoticon buddies in your blog posts.

4. Properly Format Your Text Use fonts that look good also and do not strain the eyes of readers also. Do not make solid blocks of text on your posts as they are hard on eyes. Take aesthetics of the page layout in account before publishing your post. Your text should seem to be easy to read. Try breaking your posts into small paragraphs with sub headings. It will be good if you add supportive images in your post. It helps to break the monotony of the text and also makes your post more appealing to the viewers. Stick to white backgrounds.

5. Don’t flow with words Once you get involve in writing then you tend to write on and on. But the readers cannot. So you should be constructive in your writing. If your blog is a professional business blog then do not write extra which is not required. Stick to the topic or a point you want to convey through your post. If your content is longer than 600 words then try to break it in series of post as part 1, part2 and so on. So the ones who are new to blogging world should follow these rules for effective blogging experience.

Happy Blogging!

About the Author: Jenny Simpson writes for Marina Del Rey Toyota. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about topics like social media, latest technology trends and other general stuff.