Bitter Blows

Ruth 1:20-21 I find it interesting when times or things get tough we want to blame it on anything or anyone around us. This very human characteristic serves the purpose of trying to make sense of the situation by transferring the issue to another person or thing. Ruth was so very human. As she tried to sort out her grief she placed the blame on God by pointing her finger and saying 'He did it'. The NIV in verse 21b says this very thing...He afflicted me and He brought misfortune on me.

Then she does the very thing she needs to do. She goes to the comfort of home. Going home is used many times in God's Word. The Israelites wondered in the desert for years before returning to the home God had given them...the release of the Hebrew exiles from Babylon to return home...the prodigal...the hope of heaven...

Any time a traumatic event happens to us we go through several stages. Numbness, grief or sadness, blaming, sanctuary, and rebuilding. In my recent time of healing, as Ray recovered, and I tried to make sense of it, returning home each night to known comfort was necessary. As we continue through the rebuilding we continue returning to home as our sanctuary. Just like Ruth I returned home, whether it was my physical abode or those comforting arms of God, over and over again. Above all I have learned, once again, to "Be still and know God". He alone has comforted, guided, provided, and healed. He is my Jehovah Jirah.

'What a mighty God we serve!'

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