Being Transformed

“We . . . are being transformed” – 2 Corinthians 3: 18 Many people are wary of change, we can be especially wary when it means that we have to do the changing!

We may look at ourselves and what we think that God expects of us, and wonder just how hard it is meant to be to get to that place where we think we ought to be. The stunning thing about the nature of this transformation that Paul speaks about is that it is not up to us to get transformed – it is what happens to us naturally as a result of the God who lives within us.

In the previous verse Paul said that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  In other words it is not our action or efforts that bring about this transforming freedom, it is simply the presence of God within us.  He is not a static force within us, simply there to create a sense of well-being, nor is he a constant nag, seeking to get us to change ourselves.

This is sadly our picture of who God is for us, one who is constantly trying to get us to change our behaviour, to do better, and no doubt reminding us of our failures.  The Spirit within is different from that – he is the transforming presence of God within us.

Worship him for his presence, for the fact that he enjoys being within you, for the fact that whether you know it or not, he is transforming you.

Author Bio:

“John Ryeland has been involved in the healing ministry since he was first ordained in the Church of England almost 30 years ago, and in particular since becoming The Director of The Christian Healing Mission in 1997.

He has an MA, with particular reference to the healing ministry, and has considerable experience in training ministry teams and teaching on this topic.  His particular focus is to encourage people first to seek the presence of God, and then to find the healing that flows from that experience.

The Christian Healing Mission is a charity based in London, although is involved in developing Link Centres in other towns.  It exists to encourage churches and individuals in all aspects of the healing ministry.  As well as providing places where people can come for prayer, the Mission also has a teaching and training ministry in churches of all denominations and John is usually out and about working in churches at weekends.”