Bead In The Ear

Last week I had my six year old niece and four year old nephew over to spend the night. After giving all of the kids showers, I checked to make sure everyone's hair was brushed and ears were cleaned. That is when I noticed it. Something lodged in my nephew's little ear. It was too far down for me to get. He said it only hurt when we touched his ear. Ben seemed to know what it was but would not tell anyone. Finally, he revealed to me that a girl at his school stuck a pencil tip in his ear. My sister, a nurse, looked at it through her otoscope but decided it was too far down for her to get so they went to the ER. The doctor tried and tried but could not get it out so he sent them to a specialist who could not see them for three days. With this object filling his ear, I am sure it was uncomfortable and hard to hear. We were very worried about it. We didn't know how sharp this pencil tip was. We didn't know how long it had been there. We didn't know if it had become attached inside his ear or was stabbing his ear drum. Finally, the specialist was able to see Ben and pulled this object from his ear. However it was not a pencil tip, but a bead. Praise God the doctor got it out without surgery and no lasting effects to Ben's hearing. The bead from Ben's ear

What is blocking you from hearing God?

If we have sin in our life, that is a "bead" stopping us from hearing God's voice. If we are dealing with sorrow, bitterness or anger, that is a "bead" stopping us from hearing God. The longer that "bead" stays there, the harder it is to remove.

Determine what "bead" is blocking you from hearing God and ask God to remove. Whether it is sin, anger, sadness, hurt, whatever it is, fully give it over to God. Don't let something stuck in your ear block God out.

Sweet Blessings~ Jenifer

Jenifer is a wife to Jeremy and mother to four blessings. She enjoys working along side her husband in ministry and homeschooling her children. She is also the founder and co-leader of Woman to Woman Ministries. You can find Jenifer writing daily devotions at her blog Sweet Blessings, www.jenifermetzger,org