Be the Creature He Created

Fluffy-tailed lemurs longing to be gazelles. Gazelles sick of running on all those legs looking to be cute and cuddly for a change.

Monkeys aiming to stalk the jungle as king for once. Lions wishing to make merry and shed royal responsibility.

Weird happenings on the safari? An impossibly adorable animated film's premise?

Try people wrestling with their roles in the kingdom of God.

Too many of us writhe against our God-given places.

Quiet and assuming sigh for the supposed glamour jobs.

Glamour knows it isn't all its cracked up to be and longs to slip into the supposedly less demanding background.

The more serious-minded wish for the more popular postion of jester.

And the jester? He just hungers to be taken seriously for once.

There's nothing wrong with the desire to break free from stereotypes that we assign and get confined in. In fact, it is our duty to go against the grain.

Everyone ought to be heard, or have a well-deserved rest. We aren't painted to be one shade, one small aspect.

The problem arises in the bitter envy that can eat us up inside. The resentment against others in the church who possess what we covet, resentment against the part we play, resentment against God.

It all goes back to the discussion Paul had in the Word about the body.

So many want to be eyes. Mouths. Front and center.

Seen and heard.

Again, we all should have a voice. Not contesting that.

But, with Paul, I say, if all were eyes or mouths where would the body be?

Without a backbone holding it up, the church would slip into jelly, unable to stand.

So, what would I say to you today?

Embrace who He created you to be.

A monkey attempting roars, a lion swinging from trees makes for a mixed-up jungle.

If you're a gazelle, leap on those long legs with all the God-given grace you've got. If you're small and sweet like a lemur, curl up and be that endearing cuteness that charms like no other.

Be who He created you to be in His kingdom. But, beyond that, learn to celebrate in the knowledge He knows best where you fit in this adventure.

That is how the body best functions, after all.

Written By: Marisa Ulrich

Marisa Ulrich, mother of four beautiful kiddos, two high-functioning autistic, two "typicals" plus two furry ones of canine and feline variety. Wife of one ornery but sweet handyman. Resident of Smalltown, USA. Grateful for her Savior and second chances at life and love, seeking to soar in Him. You can find Becoming His Butterfly, her blog on motherhood, marriage and other miracles of the christian life at