Are You In Tune?

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord”, Psalm 100:1, occurs at least seven times throughout the Psalms. Musicians or listeners with sensitive ears will agree that as far as this directive is concerned, it has most definitely been obeyed! I am sure that you may have noticed that the sound from a violin when played can be either melodious or excruciating to your ears, depending upon the experience of the player, or a fault in the instrument that requires tuning. It could even be the result of both!

What of our life? Is it in tune or is it discordant? Maybe we are overdue a tune up!

In Psalm 33, we are urged “Sing unto Him a new song, play skilfully with a loud noise”. How impossible this would be with an out of tune instrument or a less than skilled player.

It is marvelous to be assured that, God made life and that there is no tuner as skilled to retune our lives, as the one who created life.

If we ever feel ourselves to be out of tune, or dissatisfied with our Christian journey, we need not despair, we need not be anxious, our wisest course is to simply revisit the Maker in prayer. As we visit Him, we gently ask Him to retune our faulty strings and to give us fresh spiritual lessons. He won’t turn us away.

As we are lovingly restored, the melody of our lives will be sweeter as we soar to the glory of God.

Carole M M Williams is a Radical Gran for Christ. She was born in the United Kingdom and is mother of one married daughter who has two beautiful granddaughters. Carole had previously worked for over 20 years in the IT world for a well known English bank, until she was happily released by God to start her own business from home as a Christian Resources Retailer. As well as running her own business, she also works part time as a Customer Services Advisor. One of her favourite Bible verses, ‘He who refreshes others, will Himself be refreshed’, is the theme verse at her personal, blog, the Faith lounge.

The Faith Lounge is an online Christian cafe, where Carole uses her gift of encouragement, to devote herself to help others discover, in practical ways, the knowledge that God, our Father, wants His children to include Him in all areas of their everyday lives.