Are We There YET?

I’m hungry! Are we almost there? I’m bored! I’m thirsty! I have to pee! Are we there YET? I’m tired!  Why does it take so long?
Sound familiar?
While driving out to the lake the other day, I heard all of these from the back seat passenger. You might have heard these statements and questions before on a road trip too. These words are usually spoken by our children. They speak discontentment with the present moment and impatience for the journey to end. They just want to get there already!
We attempt to comfort them with words of encouragement… words to teach them contentment and patience. We promise a great destination at the end of our travels. We respond to our children… Have a snack. Be patient.  Watch a movie or read a book. Here… drink this. We’ll stop soon. We are almost there. Rest, child! Hang in there just a little longer, honey!
As children of God, don’t we speak these words to Him as well? God, I’m hungry for more! God, are we almost there? God, I’m bored with my current situation! God, I’m thirsty for change! God, I have to pee… okay, maybe that one doesn’t apply! God, are we there YET? God, I am tired! God, why does it take so long to get where I am going?
Don’t we feel discontentment with the present moment? Don’t we feel impatience for the journey to end? Don’t we just want to get there already?
Just as parents comfort their children with words, our Father in Heaven comforts us with His Words too. His Words of encouragement… His Words to teach us contentment and patience. God promises us a great destination at the end of our travels too.
Even though God’s words are alive in me… I still find myself asking Him, “Are we there YET?” He responds, “Be patient. We are almost there. Rest, child! Hang in there just a little longer, honey!”
About the Author: I am Melissa. I am a child of God. My blog is an invitation to you, yes…you, to join me on this journey through life. As I share my own story, you will find yourself saying “You TOO?!” In these moments we are encouraged to realize the simple truth… we are not alone and we are all a part of one… THE One.  My blog is a reflection of my world... life as a mom, wife, and woman… real, honest, random, funny, serious, a work in progress, vulnerable, and blessed!  Come…  sit, relax, take your shoes off, and stay a while… Welcome To My World… it is a blessed place to be.  Aside from finding me at my blog, you can find me on Facebook.