Are Jesus and the Crucifix still Relevant in Today’s World?

In the twenty first century with the technological advances in computers and in the world of science, are people losing faith in Jesus and the crucifix? It is the prevailing belief by a lot of today’s Christian population that Jesus and the crucifix is outdated in today’s world and should be substituted with a more nonviolent form of inspiration. Well it is true that crucifixions are a brutal form of punishment and there are a lot of motivating redeeming characteristics that can be drawn from the event as told in the Bible. Can you inspire love with something deriving so much pain and hate? Hmm good question and it does deserve an acceptable answer. What a conundrum! As far as an answer goes, I say this; Jesus took on the sins of all men upon himself when he accepted his fate. The Crucifixion that he endured to set us free, from our original sin, is the greatest most unselfish form of unconditional love there is. It teaches all of us to think about something much more than ourselves. It is an example that can be easily followed, because what is old fashioned about love? And why is so hard for people to be respectful of each other?

Some of the biggest problems facing today’s generation is that there is so much information and so many great electric toys that it is hard for an old outdated book to compete. When you have wifi computer connections that can literally have you online almost anywhere in the world or iPhones, iPads, and iPods and having over one hundred channels on your flat screen LCD television within your reach, it’s no wonder that people think that Jesus and the Crucifix are redundant.

Today’s music and movies also glorify bad behavior. It’s tough to feel love of Jesus when you have songs that worship and justify killing policeman or of people wearing a different gang color than yourself. When we also idolize drug addicted singers and the media keeps putting these people on TV 24-7, it’s no wonder these poor souls have a hard time recovering from their habit. Movies are becoming more and more violent and for some people it enforces this type of behavior. It seems like a daunting task for such an ancient faith and antiquated book.

Here’s the saving grace for all people of faith. We have the truth on our side! Love and forgiveness will always win over hate and blame. Since love wins over hate, doesn’t it also indicate that Jesus and the Crucifix are timeless? If it is timeless doesn’t that also means that the Bible is not outdated or old fashioned? Just a thought from a man that love’s Jesus and honors the sacrifice he made on the cross.

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