An Open Letter to Candace Cameron Bure

Dear Candace, You’ve caused quite a stir.

Amidst the stories and scriptures about family life, raising kids, and balancing priorities inBalancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, it seems one particular section garnered our attention. Submission. A dirty ten-letter-word to many, but an extraordinary blessing to those who understand and appreciate it.

I applaud you for making God the ultimate priority in your life and marriage. While not a popular perspective, your comments about Biblical submission ring true. (I won’t quote you back to yourself, but will include info below for anyone else reading along.)

The submission section of your book speaks to matters that have been heavy on my heart for some time. Godly authority. Meekness. The power of submission. God’s intended role for marriages. It’s hard for people to understand how this works because so many have witnessed—or experienced—poor uses of authority. Oppression rather than consideration. Self-seeking instead of selfless. Sexism, from both men and women alike.

But poor imitations don’t negate the value of the genuine article. If anything, counterfeits only prove the worth of the real-deal, and it seems you’ve found it. A happy heart and a successful marriage.

In a world where divorce is common and unhappy marriages are even more abundant, perhaps we’d be wise to consider your approach. Not a cookie-cutter checklist or life as a flimsy wall flower, but that of a powerful woman choosing to honor, respect, and cherish her husband as the leader of their family. The fulfillment of Ephesians 5 as the wife submits to her husband and the husband loves his wife, laying his life down for her.

As you know, the best part is how God blesses our obedience. His Word does not come back to Him void. And your 17-year happy marriage is proof in point.

I’m excited, ecstatic even, at the dialogue you’ve started. I know that’s easy to say from my comfy spot on the sidelines, so I’m throwing my voice out amongst the madness. Well done! You’ve given platform to an important issue facing women today and shed light on a godly approach to marriage. Over the years we’ve lost sight of the power behind meek submissive hearts, and you’re illuminating them with a brilliant spotlight. Thank you!

If you’ve missed it, here’s Candace Cameron Bure’s interview on HuffPost Live with Nancy Redd

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