All things Beautiful

"God makes all things beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3: 11 “Only five more minutes,” I whispered to my daughter who was giggling with another girl on the playground. The girl she was playing with was a strikingly beautiful child. Long curly hair with fanciful eyelashes and a bright smile!! As the child's mother approached we began to chat. I told her how beautiful I thought her daughter was. “I wish she thought that about herself” the mother replied as tears streamed down her face. She then began to tell me of how much money she has spent on trying to make her daughter “feel” beautiful. The dresses, shoes, hair accessories, and much more were purchased with an intent to make her daughter feel more beautiful. The Mother explained how her Daddy, friends, and Grandma, continually tried to reaffirm her daughter. She confessed it was all to no avail for in all she tried she felt her daughter did not seem any happier with herself or life. In all she tried to do, she could not convince her daughter of this beauty. The Mother repeated over and over how she felt it was VERY important that her daughter “feel” beautiful. When I asked her why, she paused for what seemed like forever then said, “I don’t know, I guess I want her to have a strong self-esteem and to always know how valued she is.”

With the best of intentions this mother’s concept of self-esteem and value was building insecurity in her daughter. We can never find true beauty in and of ourselves. You see, when our value is measured by outward beauty or by the ability to "Be someone", we begin to exchange character for the superficial. A child need not know how beautiful they are outwardly to feel valued, rather the beauty our children must find is through the gift of valuing others.

Are you you FEEL beautiful? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "Why do we care so much about how beautiful we look?" When what really matters is where i find my beauty. We must remember in Ecclesiastes 3: 11 it says "God makes all things beautiful in its time." God is the key word, for it is HE that makes beauty possible. In this Scripture this word beautiful is translated as "appropriate." The next time you look in a mirror or question your beauty, ask yourself this, "Is this appropriate?" If it is NOT an appropriate way to look...if it is NOT something appropriate to say... if it is NOT appropriate to wear.... if it is NOT an appropriate place to be... according to the scriptures it is counterfeit beauty. From such deceptions hide and make the beauty of HIS holiness your portion.

For the beauty of Christ is were we can find true beauty in place of what once may have been ash.

Author Bio i desire to know my husband intimately, enjoy my kiddos continually, and serve the Lord intentionally!

i am a wife to a loving husband and a mother of two wonderful toddlers. (most days, haha) Life as a mother has been nothing short of mind blowing!

i do not remember a day lived without the Lord in my life. i was saved at a very young age. i have been a PK most of my life. Through the years, the Lord has opened up doors to pastor and care for children, teen, singles, couples, parents, and families. In all i have experienced, i am finding more in more...that i am not as much part of "results" as i once thought. In my marriage, as a pastor, and in parenting...i have been blind. (In more ways than one?!) What i thought were the best of intentions, ended in thoughtlessness and insensitivity on my part. i would give unsolicited and unwanted advice. Always speaking and never listening...that was and still is me at times. i can see now, my "good advice" and "helpful ideas" was exactly that MINE. It was rarely what people needed or wanted. Once the Lord started to show me how much i needed Him, the "good advice" and "helpful ideas" for others, went out the window. The only resource i have been left with was God's power through prayer and through His Word.

i am seeing more and more ~ God is the only true source of wisdom. James 1:5 states, "When we lack wisdom we are to go to HIM, HE will give over and above what we imagine... (the best part) and HE finds NO fault." WOW - isn't that encouraging!!! What my life would be like without the Lord, i can not imagine.

This is a journey of me...a parent, a pupil, a child of God. "Train me up Lord, in the way i should i grow old, help me not depart." ~ Me, Mommy & Wife

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