Adventure in the ER

I was planning on going to the movies the other night and then it happened. All parents sense it, that feeling you get early on in the day when you just have an inkling that the plans you had for later just might not happen. We had all just survived the flu bug and I figured I was good to go so I contacted my buddy to go see a flick. But there it was, the ear scratching, I tried to convince myself that it was just part of a cold. There was no fever no cough, really no other signs that he was sick but as the night got on it became clearer and clearer that this may not end up the way I had planned. So I got them all fed and ready for bed. Gave him some Tylenol and headed to the movies. Yeah, not winning father of the year here I know. But I got there and the guilt started to set in. The multiple texts helped the guilt set in but it was there all the same. So I called, and when I heard the voice on the other line, and the voice behind her, I knew that I was going home. Then off to the ER and that is where the adventure begins.

The ER in Chilliwack never seems to disappoint. It is always quite entertaining and tonight was no exception. It was packed. We were greeted warmly, temp taken, weighed and then we sat down in the lobby. It didn't take long and then we heard it, “SECURITY, SECURITY” A gentlemen must not have liked what he had been told and proceeded to pound on the glass, fall back into his seat, then pound on the glass, puke on the floor.... Well you get the picture.

So I'm expecting Paul Blart and his Segway to come blasting around the corner and save the day but nope, not quite what happened. Two elderly gentleman who before the put their security hats on looked like they had been waiting with the rest of us. In fact I had been worried that we were waiting so long one of them might not make it. Well they jumped up and 5 minutes and 20 feet later they got to this guy and with one shake of the finger he was out of there. They puffed out their chests went back to their seats and for one of them back to their nap as well. Either that or he was pulling the old Clint Eastwood hat over my eyes and pretend I'm asleep move.

Well after that excitement and two hours of playing on my iPhone I noticed that my son was finally starting to fall asleep on my shoulder. I was in that critical moment where if I moved I would ruin my chances for the rest of the night so I sat there motionless staring over his head and watching Sportcenter. Then to my surprise I felt something on my other shoulder. I slowly turned my head so I wouldn't wake him up and sure enough the lady sitting next to me was fast asleep on my other shoulder, and even snoring. So I did what any good Dad does I turned my head back and finished watching the highlights of the day.

As I look back on that night I find it funny that my wanting to go to the movie to escape a bit and to just “be with me” would have robbed me from who I really am. You see God gave me my kids not as a nuisance or a burden, not even because of how responsible he knew I’d be. No he gave them to me so I could realize what it is to be loved unconditionally to be able to comfort them when nobody else can. To learn to see things as they do. To see the “Cops who took down the bad guy!” and to be able to sit in a room full of strangers and just sit and smile at everyone who walks in no matter their race, gender, orientation, or level of intoxication. And to even share a shoulder with a stranger who as I looked over had tears in her eyes and tracks on her arms and who knows how long it had been since she’d had a Dad’s shoulder to lean on. Thanks lil Man for the adventure, and for keeping that smile on your face. If only everyone could see the amazing world that you do it’d probably be a better place.

About the Author: My name is Corlin Buettner, I'm a Husband to one, Father to six and am learning to do both of those things to the best of my ability. I blog about our family, our adventures and the lessons God tends to teach us along the way. Welcome to our world and hope you enjoy reading. You can find me on the web at or