A Wise Woman Thinks Ahead

There will be days when we are too sick to cook, too busy to clean, or too tired to even think! We know how quickly our lives can become tuned upside down due to an illness, an operation, a death, or a new baby. Daily maintenance and smart planning is how we can avoid hunger, laundry pile ups, dirty dishes, and other life catastrophe's.

Cooking Taking the time to make freezer meals or dry mixes will help any overworked home keeper handle the worlds problems; and it's easily done. While you are cooking, simply double the recipe. Serve one meal and freeze the other. Do this with each meal and in a couple of weeks, your family can eat for weeks without any major cooking on their part (or yours). Read here for foods that do not freeze well.

Easy Family Recipes While you have meals ready in the freezer, and dry mixes on the shelves, it's also a good idea to have a small recipe book, or box, holding quick and easy recipes the family can lean on if they need to.

Stock Up Other than the necessary ingredients to prepare your meals, you will also need to keep a full supply of disposable items. When you're busy with a sick baby, when you're sick, if a friend needs comforting, when you get home late, etc... reach for the disposables: forks, spoons, plates, bowls, cups, napkins, trash bags, an assortment of aluminum pans, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. Keep these on hand continually!

Early Care Laundry pile-ups can be avoided while you're preoccupied by simply caring for it early on, and daily. When you become unavailable to wash, anyone can quickly toss a load of dirties into the washer and dryer without it feeling like an entire days work. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are also daily chores (depending on where and how you live). Proper and regular maintenance on your home is essential and it will make housework easier on you, and the ones picking up the slack.

Make Plans to be Sick While we don't really plan to be sick, we know that it will happen at some point, so we make plans for things to run nicely while we are sick. Keeping an organized home, freezing meals, and having a good supply of disposables should become a daily routine. Your family and friends will appreciate your home maintenance if they should come in and care for the home.

You are indeed a wise woman.

About the Author: Loretta is a home keeper, homeschooling two teenagers. She works from home as a Christian writer and is the author of The Heart of a Home Keeper (http://sewingonafarm.blogspot.com), which can also found on Facebook.