A Room Full of Cobwebs Can Be Overwhelming!

Hands up if someone has ever sprung in on you in a public bathroom or opened the dressing room door while you are changing?? Yes, me too. What we feel is a loss of privacy and for sure a little embarrassment right? I got to thinking of how I could get lost in all my past wrongs and failures if I look at them all at once. We prefer to keep our faults and failures in the dark and not look at them too often. It's true, that is why we women LOVE clothes, we can accentuate what is our best and cover the worst!

What if someone came over to "inspect" your house with the infamous white glove, looking into every corner and closet and you hadn't dusted in years??

I think of my past and the inside of my heart like a room with the lights off. If I was to turn on the lights suddenly and illuminate everything to do with past sin, every wrong thought, things to work on and failures it would be OVERWHELMING! I just couldn't look at it all at once. It would feel like too great a task to clean all that out at once. I want it out but how do I do it?

Time with God in His word. I love how God just has a small flashlight and illuminates one section at a time, one dark, cobweb filled corner at at a time.

We work together. He shows me what needs to be cleaned up,swept out and dealt with. What is the flashlight? It is the truth found in the Bible. It shines light into my heart and changes me to be more like Him.

"True sanctification comes through the ministry of the Word of God. When you were saved, you were set apart. As you grow in your faith, through the Word, you are more and more experiencing sanctification.You love sin less and you love God more. You want to serve Him and be a blessing to others. All of this comes through the Word." Johnny Hunt

That's right. So in order to shine light into those dark places we have to be in the Word, placing ourselves at the feet of Jesus every day. Don't be afraid to let those cobwebs be seen. Work to clear them out while holding hands with our great God who can handle it and wants to make you holy. He has seen it all friends, even when you thought you were hiding it. Praying today for all of us who are cleaning out the dark recesses of the heart today.

About the Author: I am a woman who loves the Word. I just cannot get enough. I do not wish to share to show my own knowledge of the scriptures but yet to ignite passion for it within others to learn more. To hear the Word and be inspired to dig in for themselves. www.preceptgirl.blogspot.com