A Random Act of Kindness

My family and I were on our way back home from getting some groceries from Kroger. We decided to stop for gas at the Kroger gas station. We filled up the tank, but when my dad put the key in the ignition and turned, we did not get what we expected. A strange noise came out of our truck. No matter what we did, the truck would not start. We were officially stuck in front of a gas station pump. We sat in the truck contemplating what to do for a few minutes. We did not know what the problem was, how to fix it, who to call, etc. The kind gas station attendant, bless her heart, came out to us and asked us what we needed. She said to my father, " Is it something you can fix yourself? If it is, you can take my car to go get what you need." I was so shocked by that! Such a random act of kindness. She was offering us, a couple of random strangers with car trouble, her VEHICLE to go driving off to the car shop. I can't think of a single other person, besides family and friends of course, that would just offer a "stranger in need" their car out of the kindness of their heart.

We didn't really know what the problem was, so we decided to wait it out. This one woman who was just getting some gas happened to overhear about our trouble. She went over and informed the gas station attendant that her husband was a mechanic. What luck! He wasn't with her, but she called him and then gave the gas station attendant some suggestions as for what we should do. There I was, pacing around the gas station in all my winter gear, thinking, "Oh, how blessed we are to have so many people caring about us! God is good!" My aunt and uncle came over to the gas station shortly after this, and we jump started our truck. While we were hooking up all the wires to jump start the car, my mom commented that she hoped it worked because we were blocking the gas pump. That same attendant replied with, " Oh we aren't worried about that." I was just so touched by her helpful spirit. She didn't care that we were blocking the gas pump; she genuinely just cared that we could get our car started up again.

We got the car started and drove straight over to Wal-mart where they replaced our battery for us. After that, we were on our way home again in our just-like-new truck. It wasn't a big event, but sometimes its the little things that really matter.

"Do something wonderful, people may imitate it." -Albert Schweitzer

In a way, I feel like our car battery dying was a good thing. Everything happens for a reason right? I believe it was meant to be. God led us to the gas station so that we could be touched by the kindness of that attendant and that mechanics wife. I never did catch their names, but they still deserve to be recognized. God is just amazing. He gets us through every situation, and more than that, he helps us to realize the importance of something else. God made the importance of kindness so evident in my adventure today. You are never in too much of a time crunch to stop and help someone out. Show kindness, and you will be repaid. I'm not sure how yet, but I do want to repay those lovely people for their kindness.

"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever." - Margaret Cho

Make a point to thank God for all those who have shown kindness to you. Kindness really is a virtue. Remember, God IS there, and he answers our prayers in simple ways like that. Pray, and be thankful!



"Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you." -Ephesians 4:32.

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