A Guide to Finding Your Life's Purpose

So many people in this world wonder what their true purpose in life is and they don’t know where to begin to discover that purpose. What’s unfortunate is that when things are going okay in their lives, most people think that is the way it’s supposed to be and if things go wrong or bad, then they ask themselves what lesson they are supposed to be learning. If you ask me, you should always be asking yourself this question. Here’s how to get started. Acceptance

The first step to take if you truly want to find your life’s purpose is to accept the fact that it’s time to find that answer. This may take time, and it may be trial and error, but mistakes are going to be good ways to help you figure what feels right and what doesn’t. Then, make a fresh start/ Get the things that aren’t working out of your life and make room for better things.

Who Are You?

Ask this question to yourself. Who are you? Make a list of all the things you feel are truly making you the person you are. Write the things you learned about over the past years and what things helped to develop you to who you are today. What special gifts have you received that taught you valuable lessons? What do you value? What’s important to you? Something You Love

Your true purpose in life will always involve or include doing something that you love. Think about what you do in your business and personal life. What do you truly love? Don’t pay attention to the things you just like or the things that you do to pass time. What excites you? Where does your passion lie? Life Experiences

Take a deep look at the experiences in your life that were the most fulfilling for you. These times were when you felt you could be yourself and made you feel truly alive. Think about what was so special or meaningful to you during that experience that was so fulfilling. This may hold the very key to what your purpose is in life and what you should be doing today.

Natural Talents

Think about the natural talents you have within yourself. Ask friends and family what talents they feel you portray. This could be something as simple as a good sense of humor, or being compassionate, or as extraordinary as having perfect pitch. These things are called your genius. They are the very things that come to you profoundly and naturally. Some people are geniuses at music or science, but there are many other kinds of genius. There are genius listeners, genius talkers, genius thinkers and genius mothers and fathers. You are meant to use the genius that you have inside yourself. This is part of your life’s purpose or at least related to it.

Take a look at all these things and see if your purpose comes to you. We are all here on this earth for a reason and if you are determined to discover what your purpose is, you will find it. The answers are there - you just have to find the right question that answers it for you!

 About The Author: Rocky Schipper writes about self empowerment, personal finance & frequenting www.grouphealthinsurance.org.