A Desolate Place to Pray

In Luke 5:1-16, a leper is healed by Jesus. Sounds like Jesus had a busy day as verse 15 says "great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities."  But verse 16 tells from where he draws his strength to go on for another day. "But he would withdraw to desolate places to pray."

Cross references indicate this was a continual practice for Jesus. With increasing numbers in the crowd that followed him and the demands on his time, even our Savior found he needed to spend considerable times in prayer. This reminded me of 1 Thessalonians 5:17;

"...pray without ceasing."

A few questions came to mind as I studied the Luke passage.

Am I in an attitude of prayer throughout my day? Is my day marked by ongoing fellowship with God? Am I aware of being in God's presence throughout the day? What keeps me from spending time in God's presence on a regular basis? I answered some of these questions by going to God's Word to use as my compass in praying. I pray God would...

•teach me the meaning of His statutes, •fill me with Spirit so I will always keep them because •I cannot keep His commandments in my own strength •help me understand His instruction so I can keep His law with all my heart, wanting to take pleasure in the path God has set before me, helping me to stay on it.

Praying would God to turn my eyes from looking at worthless things, turning my heart to the Lord and not to material gain. Longing for your decrees. Give me your heart O God.(Ps. 119:33-40)

And a desolate place to pray.

Jody is a farmer's daughter at heart, as well as a wife, mother and pastor's wife striving to glorify God in everything I do. I am director of our women's ministry, love to teach God's Word and encourage women to do the same. I also love to write, bake and take long brisk walks in God's great outdoors.