6 Reasons Couple's Prayer Should be a Central Part of One's Faith and Relationship

We have all heard the saying, “families that pray together, stay together.” When you take the time as a couple to pray together it can help to strengthen your marriage and overall relationship. To pray daily for your marriage and other things should be one of the priorities of your relationship. So many couples feel it’s difficult to pray together so they do it separately, but there are far too many benefits for couples to pray together as well. Below are six good reasons that couple’s prayer should be a big part of your relationship. 1. God Solves Issues

If a couple has faith and believes that God can see us through everything, they can openly bring their troubles in the marriage before God through praying together. God is there to solve our problems and he respects the true sacrament of marriage we made before him and he wants to help. Part of what we pray about should be going through the things we have done wrong or right through our consciences. God asks for couples to do this together and he wants the couples to go before him and be open with him by sharing their problems.

2. Conflicts

When you pray together as a couple, you have the power to resolve your conflicts together. Part of our prayer should be about forgiveness always and if you have that commitment, you will forgive yourself and your partner for the conflicts that you have been experiencing. You can tell God that praying together has helped the marriage and that you both want to have a strong marriage. One of the biggest strengths a marriage can have is the power to forgive. When you commit to forgive, you make so many healthy steps to a good, strong marriage.

3. Unity

When a couple sits down before God and prays, it signifies team unity in the marriage. When you pray together you help to minister in a sense to each other. You reinforce your commitment to each other when you pray before God together and when you do, God is there to be the center of your love. We have all heard the Bible stating “For where two or three have met together in my name, I am there among them.” There you are as a couple, two people, and God is in the middle right there providing you strength.

4. Family Needs

When you pray together, you should always pray for your marriage and your family. Remember that God was the one that let you find each other and watched you grow as a couple. God joined you in his presence as a man and wife, so it’s your time to turn to him in your prayers. It’s a great way to put your needs in front of God together as a couple. If you have children, this is a great time to pray to God for your children as well.

5. Marriage Attacks 

With our culture the way it is today, marriage is often being attacked. As a couple, praying to God for your marriage and the marriages of other couples helps to fight against these attacks. Always try to pray for you as a couple and others to uphold the truth of our marriages because they are what God has in mind and planned for us since day one. We pray as a married couple to keep the vows we made before God sacred until death part’s our ways. Couples praying together have a far less chance of divorce and that speaks volumes!

6. Feelings 

Couples open the door to being closer and intimacy with your partner grows when you pray together. By sharing our feelings together we become more vulnerable to each other. Praying together will grow your feelings towards each other which can be a big help for all marriages.

Make time every day to have a few minutes with your spouse to pray together. God finds a way to soften human’s hearts and helps to ease tough times. He wants couples to be close, not enemies and through the power of praying as a couple you can have just that.

Christa loves leading her church's youth group, reading a good book, and is a regular contributor for christiandatingsites.com