5 Ways to Help Your Partner Keep the Faith During the Twilight Years

You may notice that as you and your partner age through the twilight years that your partner may have questions about their faith and the things that happen after life. Your partner may really question how they can continue to grow in their faith as old as they are now and may need to be reassured about the doubts that they may have as they face these later years of life. When we age, we may need to have a little help being reassured about our faith with the challenges we face in life as well as what lies ahead. The twilight years can be especially insecure times of faithfulness. There are some things you can do to help your partner keep faith during these twilight years. Time With God – Encouraging your partner to spend some quiet times with God every day can be crucial in their faith journey. Read the Bible with your partner and share God’s words with your partner so that they can feel them in their heart. Help your partner relate to his Creator again and what God’s promises to us are. When your partner gets to know God again, they will trust in Him and reinforce the essence of their faith in the Lord.

Remember Moments – Try to remind your partner of all the things that God has done for them and you as a family in the past. This will give your partner an opportunity to focus on how God came through for them through good times and bad times, and it can help reinforce how God will do that once again. God will reassure us in those tough moments in the mind and reinforce our faith in what He can do for us today as well as in the future.

Christian Music – Try to find some quiet times that you can sit and listen to some Christian music with your partner. Often times when your partner can relax and listen to Christian words and singing, it will move their heart and soul. It will help them identify with some of the lyrics in the songs and allow them to speak to your partner to convey specific messages they may need to hear at that very moment.

Fellow Believers – It is a fact that we grow better together. Having a special bond with a few other people who have the same beliefs as you when you need someone to talk to is great. Encourage your partner to be a part of a group in church with elders so they can have others to share their feelings with. Maybe your partner wants someone else to confide in that is about the same age, someone to listen and someone to share thoughts about the future with. Often times when we are with other believers, God will communicate with us through that other person. You and your partner can try to get more involved in a group such as this to help your partner grow in their faith.

Acknowledge God – Try to talk about God a lot during the day with your partner. The little things that your partner may need to hear to encourage them with their faith can be very simple words. Thank God for the lovely weather, or thank Him for how gorgeous the flowers and trees are outside. Thank God for your partner and for the birds who are chirping at your windows. When you make God a part of your daily life, your partner will begin to see all those great things He can do for you both and what He has already done for you.

Helping your partner maintain and grow their faith during the twilight years can be a nice way to touch their  heart and give them that little boost of faith they were seeking.

About the Author: Christa loves to spend time with her family. writing, and is a regular contributor for seniordating.org