5 Great Ideas to Make Your Winter Wedding a Really Grand Success

wedding-in-winter-seasonAlthough most couples go for spring and summer weddings, you may choose to plan your wedding during winter and actually make it a success. There is much you can do to make this memorable occasion unforgettable. Learn these few tips to make a successful winter wedding: 1.    Choose a winter theme. Take advantage of the season and choose themes that reflect winter time, such as snowflakes. There are many winter themes, from cookies to the tables. Having such designs imprinted throughout your wedding setting gives a good overall impression.

2.    Include favors for your guest. Guests should leave with pleasurable memories of your big day. Including winter themed favors, from a variety of options, such as a hot drink like apple cider packed in special bottles makes for a memorable gift.

3.    Elegant attire. The chilly atmosphere in winter makes it easy for you to opt for tuxedos and gowns, which would be rather uncomfortable in the heat of summer. Brides have the option of complementing their dresses with chic wraps or capes.

4.    Menu. Do not simply include your favorite dishes. Go the extra mile by appealing to different tastes of the anticipated guests. You might choose a seasonal dish; hot soups are surely a delight, adding warmth to the chilly weather. The wedding cake should also reflect the winter theme so be sure to include snowflake patterns.

5.    Flowers. Extend your imagination when it comes to choosing flowers. Since most winter flower combinations are rather dull, ensure you emphasize the arrangement with pinecones and berries to add some vibrancy. There are always other creative alternatives to the traditional bouquet. Others have put feathers and flowers made of paper and arranged in a stylish manner. A crystal bouquet can even be taken home after the wedding.


Marshall Crawford is the Sales & Marketing Manager of business event planning and works with his team to ensure that his clients' expectations are far exceeded.