The Untamed Tongue

NEW LIFE LESSONS BSFBP: James 3:1-12 OBSERVATION QUESTIONS: 1) Who receives stricter judgment in the body of Christ (v.1)? 2) How might one stumble as a member of Christ’s body (v.2)? 3) What illustrations are used to show the necessity of bridling one’s tongue (v.3-4)? 4) Though it is little, what can the tongue do (v.5)? 5) What is the tongue? What can it do to the body? What can it set ablaze? What sets it ablaze? (v.6) 6) What has been tamed by humankind (v. 7)? 7) Who has tamed the tongue (v.8)? 8) How can the tongue be used? Why is this so confusing? (v.9-12)

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: 1) How do you most often use your tongue? 2) Are you always able to control what you say? Recall a time when you could not. What happened? 3) Have you ever used your words to praise God and later gossiped about a brother or sister in Christ?

LIFE LESSONS: 1) The Lord expects His children to weigh our words carefully. 2) Words can be used to build up and to destroy. 3) Our words glorify God or the enemy. 4) We do not have to allow our words to be controlled by negative feelings.

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