Faithful Devotions is a part of the Faithful Bloggers Network and is committed to sharing the Word of God through devotions, Bible studies, and personal testimonies.

Faithful Bloggers is a community for Christian bloggers. Our purpose is to provide a common ground where we can encourage one another to use our blogs for the glory of God. While we want to mix and mingle and have fun, our purpose is to help you build a blog that will glorify the Lord while also strengthening your relationship with Him.

Why was Faithful Bloggers started?

As blogging continues to grow in popularity, a wonderful benefit to this “hobby” has arisen. The ability to meet new friends and form relationships is easier than ever. For those who are in rural areas or are housebound in some way, meeting someone is as easy as turning on your computer and relaying your thoughts. For Christians a challenge becomes apparent. Due to the rampant ungodliness that abounds on the Internet, the world of blogging is an overwhelming and often scary place to be. Where can a man or woman who is striving to live the Christian life find an online area of common ground where they can build those godly relationships? Searching for Christian bloggers can be achieved through a simple search. It is overwhelming, however, to find that sense of community with a common purpose – becoming holy and serving our God – when we limit it to just searching through a search engine. Thus, Faithful Bloggers was born.